Best Garden Rakes Reviews

Gardenite 63-Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake
100% Made in the USA
Commercial grade
Limited lifetime warranty
Bully Tools 92309 Bow Rake
New and Improved Heavy Duty Metal Release and Locking Switch
Built to Last for Years with New Stronger and more High-Grade Steel
ergonomic Rubberized Handle
EZ Travel Collection Telescopic Folding Garden Rake
63 Inches Long
15 Flat Tine Expandable Head
3/4 Inch Zinc Plated Steel Handle that is zinc coated to prevent rust

Best garden rakes

When the fall is just around the corner, we all prepare for the avalanche of dead leaves all over our backyards. Fortunately, we have plenty of solutions at hand. We have leaf blowers, we can pay someone else to do it, or we can use the best garden rake we can find. Honestly, I am all for gathering all the leaves myself.

A garden rake, however simple it may be, is still one of the most common tools that we use for our leaves problems. It may seem primitive for some, but it does the job, is cheap, and you can find some pleasure in gathering all of the leaves.

Why you should use a rake over a leaf blower?

Many people, myself included, like to use technology and its advancement in almost every field. There is nothing wrong with that, but some activities are more pleasurable to do old-school. Precisely like leaves raking. There are a few reasons why you should use a rake over a power tool, and here are mine.

  • A rake is cheaper – and that is from all points of view. Not only that a rake is inexpensive to purchase, but it does not work on electricity, so there are no expenses in using it. All you have is that initial small investment. Also, there are no maintenance
  • You can cover a larger surface – when you use a leaf blower, you always depend on a power outlet. It is true that power cables are long, but they can only cover so much. With a rake, however, you can go a long way. You are the only limit.
  • Rakes are durable – there is not much you can break on a rake. Worst case scenario is that you buy a wooden rake and the rod breaks. Even that is far-fetched because it needs a lot of pressure to crack. Even so, you can find models that are made of metal, and unless you run the rake over with your truck, it will not even bend.
  • Raking your garden is pleasant – let’s face it. We are all stressed with work and a hundred problems. Sometimes, we need to do something that does not require to put your mind to work, but useful at the same time. Raking is one of those activities. It does not require much thinking, and you can just let go of your problems a bit. I do not know about you, but for me, it works. It is like any other mindless activity, such as ironing or doing the dishes (yes, there are people who actually enjoy)
  • You get to exercise a bit – not everyone has the time to join a gym, and we need to exercise, even a little bit. Raking your garden can help you with that. It is not hard, but you get to move your arms and your legs a bit. Many people do not think about that, but every little thing you do that requires movement can mean a lot for your physical fitness. It is like walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

Many of you may not consider the reasons above valid, but I do, and hopefully, there are people who still appreciate old-school tools. Sure, a garden rake may seem primitive comparing it to a leaf blower, but so is washing your dishes by hand.

What to consider when looking for the best garden rake

I am not saying that choosing a garden rake is difficult. It is a simple tool, after all. However, you can still end up with the wrong thing if you do not pay attention. That is why I think you should consider a few aspects before hitting the buy button. Here is what you need to look at.

  • Size – not all garden rakes are created equal. Some are small, while others are bigger. And I am not referring to the length of the rod, but to the width of the rake. At the end of the day, this is a matter of preference, but you should know that while wide garden rakes will gather more leaves at the same time, they are trickier to handle. My recommendation is to pick a medium-sized garden rake. That way you are efficient, but you do not have a hard time raking your garden.
  • Shape – this is a matter of preference as well. Some people like the straight rakes, also known as bow garden rakes, the ones with parallel tines, while others prefer the A-shaped rake. Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages, but you should choose the one that you like better. As far as efficiency goes, they are pretty much the same.
  • The materials used for the rod – the rod needs to be constructed from a resilient material. Otherwise, it will bend the first time you step on it. And trust me, you will step on it eventually. Wooden garden rakes are pretty durable, but metal garden rakes are better. That way, nothing can break them, and bending the rod is highly unlikely, unless you are the Hulk.
  • The materials used for the tines – the tines should also be manufactured from a highly durable material. Among the leaves can be rocks or other hard objects. If you buy a garden rake with wooden tines, it will not last. My opinion is that the best garden rake should have tines made of heavy duty materials. That is the only way the rake will last for a long time.
  • Additional features – there are countless models out there, and some of them are very cool. For example. You can find folding garden rakes. Also, there are models that can be adjusted, and I am not talking only about the length of the rod. Telescopic garden rakes are not new. I am referring to garden rakes that can be adjusted in width so that you can rake in those small, hard-to-reach places. The point is that the more features a rake has, the better. Of course, the number of extra features will determine the price of the product, but a rake is not expensive anyway.

I think that I have covered everything. Maybe brand is another issue, but that is for you to decide. Colors are unimportant, but you can take a look at that as well.

What are the best garden rakes?

You would not believe what you can find online. There are countless models from several manufacturers, all making the same promise: that their rake is the best. However, not all of them are, and just because an item is not expensive, that does not mean you should purchase a poorly-made garden rake. With that being said, I found three excellent models that I think you will like. They are picked according to price, quality, and customer reviews. Enjoy!

Gardenite 63-Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

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While most rakes you find online do not exceed 48 inches in length, this model measures 63 inches, which will make you more efficient while you are cleaning your garden of leaves. It is an outstanding product, and before thinking that that is an exaggerate adjective for a simple rake, you should get to hold it. Not only that it is long and will help you get the job done fast, but it is lightweight with just 1.4 pounds.

Just as the title suggests, this is an adjustable garden rake. The head can expand from 7 inches in width to 22 inches. That will help you rake in tight spaces. The 15 tines are highly efficient, even when you extend the rake to the maximum. The handle is made of steel, but it is zinc-plated. If you do not know this, zinc treatments are meant to protect metal from rust, and this product will not rust even if you leave it out in the rain.

Overall, this is a very easy to use garden leaf rake. It is lightweight, it will help you finish the job quickly, and it does not even cost that much. However, keep in mind that this product is designed only for leaves. It is not a heavy-duty garden rake for rocks or other heavy materials. As long as you use it just for the leaves in your garden, this rake will last for years to come.

Bully Tools 92309 Bow Rake

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Just as the title suggests, this is a bow-style garden rake, but you do not have to worry about its efficiency. It will do the same good job as the A-shaped rakes, only that it cannot fold to an easy-to-store size. Other than that, this product is excellent, which is why I chose to recommend it.

Unlike the previous model, this garden rake can be used on heavy materials as well. It features 16 tines made of 12-gauge steel. That means that they are incredibly sturdy and durable. The rake will gather pretty much everything you throw in front of it. The handle, on the other hand, is made of fiberglass. It may not be as resilient as metal, but as long as you take care not to step on it, it should last a long time. The length of the rod is 58 inches, and the width of the head is 16 inches, which should be more than enough to help you finish raking your garden fast enough.

Even if this product is highly appreciated, some people may argue that it is too heavy. In my opinion, that is not so. I do not think that 3.45 pounds is that much, and there is too little weight to affect you. Other than that, this is an excellent product.

EZ Travel Collection Telescopic Folding Garden Rake

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Last but not least, the garden rake from EZ travel is yet another product that I highly recommend. It is an incredible model that has convinced thousands of people of its efficiency. It is lightweight, with only 2.2 pounds, even if it is made of metal. At the same time, the EZ garden leaves rake is one of the cheapest models you can find.

The rod is made of metal, which makes it difficult to break or bend. You can adjust both the length of the rod and the width of the head using a heavy-duty metal release and locking switch. The width can be adjusted from 7.5 inches, which makes this rake ideal for tight spaces, to 19.5 inches so that you can finish your job as fast as possible. The length of this garden rake starts from 32 inches, and you can make it as long as 62 inches.

The overall construction of the garden rake from EZ Travel Collection is flawless. It is made of high-grade steel, which means it will last for many years. The handle is covered in rubber as a part of an ergonomic design, but it also ensures a better grip. I am sure that you will like this model if you decide to purchase it.

My recommendation

I can honestly say that I like all three models, but if I were to choose one, I would go with the Gardenite 63-Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake. It is durable and cheap, but at the same time, it is the most lightweight garden rake I could find. In my opinion, this is one of the best garden rakes you can get, and I strongly recommend it.


If you like to use a garden leaf rake instead of a leaf blower, then I am sure you are going to love one of the products above. They are cheap, and you will get a lot of work done with them. No matter which one you choose, I guarantee that you will be happy with your selection. Click here to buy on Amazon

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